<h3>Furniture</h3>Kaheku's range of hand-crafted small furniture items give every room a distinctive&#44; high-quality&#44; modern touch!<h3>Lamps</h3>The design of a lamp provides a focus! Let yourself be inspired by our high-quality range!<h3>Tableware</h3>An individually set table leaves friends and family in awe! All necessary accessories are available at Kaheku!<h3>Home decor</h3>Decorative accessories bring a personal touch to every setting!<h3>Outdoor</h3>Stylish and special outdoor accessories! Discover our product range!<h3>Metal</h3>Clear-cut designs made from stainless steel! Just one part of our extensive metal range!<h3>Ceramics</h3>Ceramics of a very special sort! Discover modern designs and finishes!<h3>Wood</h3>Naturally rustic or puristically modern – home-living accessories made from wood create a homely charm!<h3>Clear glass</h3>Discover brilliant sheen and flawless lucency combined with solid material!<h3>Coloured glass</h3>Experience the variety of coloured glass using high-quality materials crafted through the special art of glass-blowing!<h3>Crystal glass</h3>Experience the finest and most precious brilliance and luminance that hand-blown and hand-cut glass has to offer!<h3>Candles</h3>Give your surroundings a special luminance with Kaheku's high-quality candles!

We develop two main collections a year, with products that reflect future global trends.

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